Greetings from the Chairperson
of the Board of Directors

Dear Mongolians residing in the Midwest region of the USA,

The number of Mongolians living in the Midwest region of the USA has been steadily increasing over the past few years, and as a result, the largest Mongolian community in the USA has formed. The cultural and intellectual needs of our growing community are expanding. We are all well aware of the necessity to establish a cultural center near Chicago to sustain the ongoing cultural and intellectual activities.

Some of the residents near Chicago have established a non-profit organization called the “Mongolian Heritage Center,” which is officially registered following the laws and regulations of the residing country. The mission of this organization is defined as follows:

To create a favorable environment for Mongolians to regularly meet, network, learn from one another, and exchange information;
To educate the youth in the Mongolian language, heritage, arts, literature, and customs;
To deepen the friendship and mutual understanding between the Mongolian and American people, aligning with the policies and overall objectives of the Consular Office.

The founders of this organization see the necessity for the Consular Office to be involved in consolidating the activities of the organization, to ensure the even and appropriate participation of various organizations and business entities within the Mongolian community, and to maintain the coherence of their activities. Thus, I am taking the lead in the Board of Directors of this organization.

Having its own space is crucial for the “Mongolian Heritage Center” to conduct regular activities. Owning a place not only allows the organization but also every member of the Mongolian community and other organizations with similar objectives to conduct regular activities. Moreover, it opens additional opportunities for Mongolian citizens, organizations, and businesses interested in entering the US market.

We invite you all to contribute meaningfully to the development of the Mongolian community in the central region of the USA, to raise our cultural heritage to a new level of promotion.

As the Chair of the Board, I am committed to strictly implementing the laws and regulations of non-profit organizations in the state of Illinois, to timely report financial and operational activities at the appropriate level, to ensure that donations from individuals and organizations are spent for their intended purposes, and to maintain transparency and control over the donation and expenditure process.

May all good deeds flourish.